Support You Can Touch

So many of our successful members started out wasting so much money looking for answers, buying systems but never having anywhere to turn for answers for specific questions. Often we’ve heard people talk well known authors and guru’s programs failing to provide the support people need. After qualifying their commitment we invite them into the fold for a refreshing taste of what real support looks like.

Local Events taking place multiple times per week allowing members support they can touch (appropriately.) Educational, Coaching, and Social Events to provide access to people in your own backyard succeeding at what you want to accomplish. Even we as the founders of the real alliance find ourselves learning from our own community. And that was just the reason why we created it, was so not only could we provide direct learning, but so we could continue to connect with and learn from other local experts and investors.

A New Kind of Support – R.E.A.L. Progression

When we looked at all of the other programs out there, so few really provide any support at all, but we learned it wasn’t enough to just provide support it had to be done at a level previously not attempted. The CORE in Action is your first taste of this support where during 2 intense days of training we take plan breakout sessions where you spend time with our team taking your first few action steps with us holding your hand. From there we take you into our R.E.A.L Progression Coaching program to progress you over those obstacles and past the necessary benchmarks all successful investors take. As you progress you then are responsible for assisting others in doing the same and in so doing become a better communicator, better leader and better business owner.

Benchmarking Demystified

Reasons People don’t succeed

  • Lack of Complete Information
  • Lack of Answers
  • Not enough creative solutions
  • Fear of doing things wrong
  • Lack of Action due to a lack of accountability

Reason R.E.A.L Progression Coaching works

  • Report – Report what you’ve done with Weekly Accountability
  • Evaluate – Evaluate your progress
  • Analyze and Isolate – Analyze what you need to break through and Isolate the solution
  • Lay out and Live it – Layout you plan for progress and then get out there and live it.

What Support Really looks Like!

  • Weekly live local meetings
  • A Community committed to each others success
  • Pier accountability that moves you forward
  • Expert Training in getting you off the couch and buying a house (or 10)

A progression from Protege to Specialist to Mastery and at one point you may be invited into the CORE Alliance where you meet monthly in a select group of seasoned business owners to determine the best next step.